About the Competition


In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Institute has inaugurated "Create Your District" Competition 2017, an exciting event that encourages students to explore the rich history and cultural traditions of the Sham Shui Po District.

The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) is composed of more than 9,500 members, including over 6,000 corporate members with an important consultative role in government policy making relating to the built environment and development cycle, which includes land development and planning, building design, construction, building usage and operation.

In order to enhance the younger generation’s understanding of the work and contributions of surveyors in the development of our city, the HKIS inaugurated the "Create Your District" Competition 2017, which aims to:

  1. Promote the surveying industry to the younger generation by giving them an understanding of surveyor’s role in city development
  2. Motivate students to think critically about environmental policy and governance issues
  3. Encourage students to demonstrate their creativity by designing an ideal community
  4. Educate the younger generation about the importance of sustainable development in Hong Kong

Competition Requirements
To better prepare students for the competition, all candidates are required to attend ONE of the workshops and guided tours in Sham Shui Po in August and September to familiarise themselves with the district, including its location characteristics, economic position, site conditions and the relationship with its surrounding area.

After the workshop, candidates are required to illustrate a designated area of Sham Shui Po, and to project the district in an ideal state from surveyors’ point of view. There is no restrictions on the format of the competition entry.
* More details of the scope of competition will be announced in the “Create Your District” Competition 2017 Workshop & Guided Tour.