About the Competition

Competition Leaflet

Competition Objectives

Encourage students to explore the rich history, cultural traditions, and city development of the Northern Metropolis.

Encourage students to demonstrate their creativity by designing an ideal community.

Educate the younger generation about the importance of sustainable development in Hong Kong.

Enhance the younger generation’s understanding of the role of surveyors in city development.

Competition Requirements

To better prepare students for the competition, all contestants are required to attend the workshop and guided tour in Northern Metropolis in July 2023 to familiarize themselves with the district, including its location characteristics, economic position, site conditions and the relationship with its surrounding area. After the workshop, contestants are required to illustrate a designated area of Northern Metropolis, and to project the district in an ideal state from surveyors’ point of view.

Contestants may also enroll in a Story Map Training Workshop, which is optional and free of charge on a first-come-first-served basis.

* More details of the scope of competition will be announced in the “Create Your District” Competition 2023 Competition Workshop & Guided Tour.


● All students from secondary schools (F.3 – F.6) in the academic year 2023/24.
● Entries are welcomed on either an individual basis or via school application.

* If the contestants apply via school, both contestants and the school will be granted a certificate of participation.
● Numbers of entries from participating schools are not restricted.
● Participants must form a team of 2-4 people to compete.
● No fee shall be charged for entering the competition. 

Entry Format

All contestants are required to submit the following materials by 18:00, 14 August 2023 (Monday) to the online system.

(1) Story Map:Describe how the competition entry presents their ideal community and expresses the work of surveyors through design concepts, and present the following works on Story Map according to their respective competition groups:

3D Model Category

Entry formats: Physical Display / 3D design drawings are presented in Story Map through images / PowerPoint / videos that are no longer than 3 minutes.

Multimedia Video Category

Entry formats: No more than 3 minutes, presented in Story Map.

Story Map

A Story Map is a form of narrative that integrates text, interactive maps, and a range of multimedia content.

View more details about Story Map

(2) Project Report (No more than 500 Chinese characters or English words):To illustrate how the competition entry creates an ideal community for the Northern Metropolis, depicts the ideal living environment within the area, and expresses the work of surveyors through design concepts.

● Contestants are required to submit a Story Map and a project report of their work for presentation purposes.
● Contestants can enter the competition in either one or two categories, i.e., 3D Model Category OR/AND Multimedia Category.
● The competition entries must be submitted to the online system by 18:00, 14 August 2023 (Monday).

Judging Criteria

● To understand different aspects in developing a community
● Ability to demonstrate the elements of surveyors’ scope of work*
● Effectiveness of presentation
● Creativity and innovation

* Details to be introduced in the Competition Workshop


All winning individuals and teams will be awarded with prizes in the Award Ceremony.

3D Model Category

Trophy + Certificate + HK$6,000 Cash Coupon
1st Runner Up
Trophy + Certificate + HK$4,000 Cash Coupon
2nd Runner Up
Trophy + Certificate + HK$2,000 Cash Coupon

Multimedia Category

Trophy + Certificate + HK$6,000 Cash Coupon
1st Runner Up
Trophy + Certificate + HK$4,000 Cash Coupon
2nd Runner Up
Trophy + Certificate + HK$2,000 Cash Coupon
Creativity Award
Trophy + Certificate + HK$1,000 Cash Coupon
Best Story Map Award
Trophy + Certificate + HK$1,000 Cash Coupon
Merit Award
Certificate + HK$500 Cash Coupon

● Winning entries will be displayed on the official website.
● A Certificate of Participation will be granted to all candidates who completed the competition in recognition of their participation.


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