About the Competition
Terms and Conditions


  1. All participants are required to attend the Workshop & Guided Tour.
  2. Each participant/participating team can submit only ONE entry.
  3. Activities are conducted in Cantonese unless otherwise specified.
  4. All entries will be kept by the HKIS and will not be returned.
  5. The HKIS reserves the right to reproduce, print, publish materials submitted in either paper or electronic format, or for any use in association with the "Create Your District" Competition 2017.
  6. The decision of the Jury Panel shall be final for the awards assignment.
  7. Each student is required to submit a copy of the student ID.
  8. Shortlisted Candidates will receive notification by email, and will be invited to a jury assessment presentation on Saturday, 4 November 2017. Candidates failing to attend the jury presentation will be disqualified.
  9. The personal data submitted in the form will only be used for processing of application.
  10. The HKIS reserves the right to disclose all visual material(s) during the participation of students in activities – including any images, video, text, event photos, poster, graphics or audio for the purpose of promoting the HKIS. This may include placing the visual material(s) in any media (include but not limited to publications, websites and in promotional materials).